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The Profolio page will features some of our projects. There are alot of other things that we do that are not in the web page. These could be  customise tanks and parts and also other products. Please feel free to  let us know, if you have special requirements.
port-1 port 1 port 2 port 2 
I beam on tank top  40K tank installation  Stirrer support   40,000L PE tank 
port3 port4 port 5 port 6
Dome base tank hanging type  loading of tank  Sodium Hypochoride Tank  Dome tank hang from slab 
port 7 port 8 port 9  port 13
Cutomised tank 500L  Customised tank with skid  Assorted tanks and scrubber grey/dark water tank for  ship
port 10  port 11  port 12   port 15
Sodium Hypo tanks in swimming pools  PE and FRP tanks installation  10,000L PE tank   21,000L PE tank 
 port 14 port 16  port 17  port-18 
Jurong Island installations  PE tank loading of 30,000L tank  8,000L double containment  Dome base tank 
10 000L double containment tank