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Chemical tanks
Our tanks are Rotomolded in PE material, and in one complete  piece. There are several series that you can  choose from depending on your requirement.
dome top CPE SERIES comes with dome top and manhole. This series of tanks are mainly used to storage of chemicals.

Rotomolded in one piece this is a stable tank for storage and can last for many good years
cgd model CGD SERIES come with loose cover for easy access. The top cover can be totally removed for the ease of pouring of chemicals and is usually use for  either storage  or dosing .

conical tank CONICAL SERIES ( CCT )  is an excellent tank you should  have when you want to have a total drainage.The  conical base all you to drain your  chemical totally.

dome base DOME BASE SERIES ( CDT ) are tanks that you should consider if you  want to have a full drainage of your chemical. This tank can be built with  free standing structure or it can be hang down from the slab thus saving you precious space.

dosing tank DOSING SERIE ( AE ) molded with shoulders for the accomodation of motor mounting. This tank is good for dosing. The screw cap allow you to  open for easy  chemical  mixing.

square tank 500L Square Storage Tank
This is a 500L storage tank which save space because the design in square. Easy to use and forkliftable.

cpe chart 2010cpe chart 2010

cgd chart 2010 

cdt chart 2010 

cct chart 2010 

ae chart 2010 


cpe dimension


cgd dimension

Our tanks can be fitted with  many types of fittings depending on your requirements. Be it ANSI flange, Male or female adapters and anchor lugs, We weld them together using hotair welding or fusion welding. Such  welding  gives you tremendous strength and prevent leaking.

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backing ring


stub end